One or Both Sides - ONE Thibaut Honshu Pillow Cover with Self Cording

  • $90.00

This beautiful fabric is Thibaut's Daintree Print (55% Linen,/45% Cotton - Width 54.00" (137.16 cm) Repeat H 54"/34" V.

Pics 1-3 are Aqua;
Pic 4 is Bluemoon;
Pic 5 is Grey;
Pic 7 is Fuchsia;
Pic 8 is Blue on white 

The price includes ONE pillow cover (select one or both sides and your size from the price list, random print (I normally place an off-center tree on the fronts and random print on the backs), 22" heavy-duty commercial invisible zipper and finished interior seams.

If you choose one-sided, we back in linen the color of the background--white or blanc.

If you need a sample, use this link: