One or Both Sides - ONE Thibaut Ming Trail Pillow Cover with Knife Edge or with Tassels

  • $115.00

From Thibaut's newest collection Ming Trail (100% Cotton - Width 54.00" (137.16 cm - Repeat H 17.5"/Repeat V 20.50) 


All pillow covers do not include an insert--message me if you need an insert.

Pic 1 grouping of four is Green;
Pic 2-4 are red (--more of a pink-red--)
Pic 5 is Navy;
Pic 6 is Eggplant;
Pic 7 is grey; and
pic 8 is Navy with tassels;
Pic 9 is light blue;

Tassels:  If you want tassels, you can add Tassels to your cart at the bottom of the price list.  Blue comes with French blue tassels; red comes with red tassels; green, blue and eggplant come with natural tassels; and grey comes with grey tassels.

The price is for ONE pillow cover (select one or both sides and your size from the Price List and note your desired colorway in the Notes area when you place your order), matched print on the front and back (if you choose one-sided, we back in neutral linen to match the background of the Ming Trail), 22" heavy-duty commercial invisible zipper and finished interior seams. 

If you need a sample, use this link: