One Feather/Down Pillow Insert - 95/5 or 75/25

  • $22.00


This listing is for ONE pillow insert with cotton/poly exterior. (Select your size and percentage of feather/down in  the Price List--contact us if you need a custom size). These inserts will be shipped directly to you from the manufacturer. 

Here is my recommended sizing:

9x13 pillow cover, order a 10x14 insert;
11x19 pillow cover, order an 12x20 insert;
13x23 pillow cover, order a 14x24 insert;
13x19 pillow cover, order a 14x20 insert
16x24 pillow cover, order a 18x26 insert;
16x16 pillow cover, order a 16x16 insert;
18x18 pillow cover, order a 20x20 insert;
20x20 pillow cover, order a 22x22 insert;
22x22 pillow cover, order a 24x24 insert;
24x24 pillow cover, order a 26x26 insert;
26x26 pillow cover, order a 28x28 insert;
28x28 pillow cover, order a 30x30 insert;

Filling advice: 

If your pillows are for décor or light use, I suggest a 95/5 feather/down. 

If you want a soft fluffy pillow, then go with a 75/25 feather/down and definitely go two inches larger. I definitely would use a 75/25 for lighter weight fabrics. 

If you're pillows are going to be used frequently and lounged on, then I recommend synthetic down. It's has a soft, rubbery feel and has weight to it. It's made from polysilk fibers and it's extremely comfortable.  (See our listing for Synthetic Down Pillow Inserts).

Stuffing: You don't know how often I see poorly stuff pillows. Be sure to fold your insert in half to insert into the cover. Push the tips of your insert into the corners of your cover, even if they're empty. Then after you've zipped your pillow cover closed, pat and shake to make sure the fill is evenly spread. It will move into the corners. Then just plop and chop it--if you like that look.

If you need a custom size, please convo me. I can order any size and filling. My fill options are 25/75, 90/10, 50/50 or 100% down and outdoor inserts if you n